W650 Autotrailer


  • Greater capacity plastic hoppers.
  • Chevron type feed cups.
  • Reduced transportation width.
  • Solid and robust chassis.
  • New seed metering system, maintenance free.
  • Mechanical or pneumatical seed distribution system.
  • Seed dosage obtained through 54 speed gearboxes.

The synthesis of agility. This system allows us to handle daily work with total efficiency, without the need to uncouple the tractor.


Heavy duty plastic hoppers allow both inline and between line fertilization options. These have an internal division that can be set to either divide internally the Hopper or use it as only one with greater capacity.
The Chevron type feed cups have a special lid for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Delivery of fertilizer between lines is accomplished by a double disc in “v” position, the system has a depth control Wheel, which controls depth of the fertilizer and the exact distance where fertilizer will be placed from the seed.
Planting and fertilizing units. In the first toolbar, there is an opener disc with a depth control Wheel, this one opens the furrow and deposits the fertilizer through a tube.
In the second toolbar, there are 16” turbo coulter blades with a fuse system; these open the furrow for no-till seeding.
Following the planting unit: with two 16” double opener discs, mounted on roller tap bearings, these heavy duty bearing satisfy the toughest working conditions in the field assuring long life service with minimum maintenance.
The planting unit is equipped with two depth control wheels, allowing planting the seeds at the exact desired depth, a seed press wheel guarantees seed-to-soil contact and posterior emergence.
The covering task is carried out by two dented rubber wheels, with variable angle and pressure.

Less transportation width

With the AUTOTRAILER SYSTEM, width is remarkably reduced, and clearance is higher.
These characteristics make very easy working with this planter model, cleaning tasks, and maintenance. Even more is moving from one field to the other very quickly, in dirt or paved roads.
This model counts with larger hopper capacity, with which you can fertilize in the seeding line or beside it. (Simple or double fertilization). Exact dosage is delivered with the “chevron turbo max” feed cups” and controlled by two 36 speed gearboxes. Variable speed can be mechanic or electronic (optional).
The seed distribution system is done by mechanic or pneumatic dispensers this is achieved by 54 speed gearboxes.


Strong and robust, designed to outcome the toughest working conditions in field and in transportation. The planting unit´s positioning and adjusting system is quicker and easier, which allows changing the distance between seeding lines from 35 cm up to 90 cm.
The length of the seed drill varies by configuration but we respect the three meter transport width. It is equipped with a hydraulic circuit to be operated completely from the tractor´s cabin.
All the components of this planter is designed to obtain precision planting and long life use with excellent working conditions.

Completely New Mechanical Seed Dosage System / Maintenance Free

Our new system gives the seed a delicate and gentle treatment with less possibility of breakage. Maintenance free. Without lubrication.
Built as a 90 degree gearbox, and helicoidal gears, it´s new design with sealed bearings and high temperature treated materials assure a long life service free of maintenance.