W650 Air Drill


  • Matermacc MAGICSEM Pneumatic Seed Dispenser.
  • Mechanical seed dosage available.
  • Central Seed and Fertilizer Hopper with a capacity of approximately 6000 liters (170 bushels).
  • Cutting Disc: 16 ”(40cm) turbo blade.
  • Exclusive access system to the hoppers.
  • No. of sowing units: 27 lines at 52cms, 33 lines at 52cms.
  • Separation between lines of 35, 38, 42, 45, 52, 70 cms.
  • Furrow Opener: 16 “(40cms) double disc.
  • Planting line fertilization.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic dosing.
  • Type of seeds: Coarse grains; soybean, sorghum, corn, sunflower, etc.

Exclusive access system to the hoppers.


Another novel aspect of this machine is its unified central hopper (one for fertilizer 35%, and another for seed 65%) which allows the supply in one place, thus providing greater convenience and speed when refilling the hopper. The distribution of the seed and the fertilizer is carried out by means of an air conduction system towards the bodies.Our machine also has the particularity of being able to vary the sowing distance between bodies, and a new uneven ground copying system for the wings thus allowing uniform sowing. Another benefit of this new implementation is its transport width reduced to 3.60 meters.