W 650 Coarse grains planter

W 650 16 Lines

W 650 24 Lines

W 650 40 Lines



  • Movable disc systems.
  • Simple and double fertilization.
  • Double purpose hoppers.
  • Fertilizer Hopper.
  • Fertilizer is delivered directly to the fertilizing units.

All the distances between rows… all the options. We have achieved the exact dosage.

This model counts with larger hopper capacity, with which you can fertilize in the seeding line or beside it. (Simple or double fertilization). The exact distribution is achieved by 36 speed gearboxes. Variable speed can be mechanic or electronic (optional).
The seed distribution system is done by mechanic or pneumatic dispensers this is achieved by 54 speed gearboxes.

New Seed Dosage System. Maintenance Free!

Our new system gives the seed a delicate and gentle treatment with less possibility of breakage. Maintenance free. Without lubrication.
It has a very robust frame and a system of easy access to the planting units. With it´s greater capacity hoppers, the seeder performance is much more productive allowing greater autonomy.
The length of the seed drill varies by configuration but we respect the three meter transport width. It is equipped with a hydraulic circuit to be operated completely from the tractor´s cabin.
Another advantage is that the integrated models articulate allowing the uneven terrain to be copied. All components of this machine are designed for accuracy in planting and long life perfect working conditions.