W630 3 Point Hitch


  • Three point hitch categories 2 and 3.
  • Three point mounted, semi-mounted and with wheels.
  • Thin a coarse grains.
  • Localized regulable fertilization.
  • Conventional and no-till seeding.
  • Spacings between lines variable to 35, 45, 52.5, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm.
  • Extra large fertilizer hoppers.
  • Precicion seed metering.
  • Mechanical or Pneumatic seeding systems.

Assembled lift seeder for coarse grains with optional transport kit or pneumatic version.

New Seed Dosage System. Maintenance Free

Our new system gives the seed a delicate and gentle treatment with less possibility of grain breakage. Maintenance free. Without lubrication. Built as a 90 degree gearbox, and helicoidal gears, it´s new design with sealed bearings and high temperature treated materials assure a long life service free of maintenance.


Plastic hoppers with greater capacity per seeding line (126 liters). The seed feed cups are the Chevron type and have a special cleaning Access lid. It´s capable of fertilizing in the seeding lines, between these or both options at the same time. This is achieved accurately thanks to two 36 speed gearboxes, or a variation system.

Hydraulic system

The W630 planter is equipped with a simple hydraulic system that can be controlled from the tractor, this system actuates on the hydraulic markers and the sequence valve.

Seed metering

Seeding density is obtained through two 32 speed gearboxes, which are in oil bath, assuring a long life service, protected with a safety fuse. These gearboxes allow you to select the exact seed dosage as desired.

Planting and Fertilizing Units

To deliver the fertilizer in the seeding line, in the first toolbar there´s a no-till 16”disc, available as turbo coulter blade, working as an opener disc. This has a spring fuse as safety feature.
Fertilizer drops independently of the seed. The fertilizer is placed in font and below the seed. Following is the planting unit, equipped with 16” double opener discs each one mounted on roller tap bearings with retainers these characteristics fulfill the requirements of a long life service with less maintenance.