W1770 Series IV


  • Solid and strong chassis, able to outstand the toughest conditions either at work or being transported.
  • Double purpose seed hopper. Double seed feed cups for double purpose either seeds or fertilizer.
  • Fertilizer hopper: In-line fertilization, direct to the planting unit. Individual lids in the seed feed cups for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This system avoids fertilizer dripping and spillage, thus avoiding corrossion in the planter.
  • Alfalfa hopper with forced seed dystem.
  • 36 speed gearbox.

Planting Units and Fertilization

The W1770 S IV planter has two tool bars for fertilization and seeding purposes. In the first toolbar, as an option there are installed oblique cutting blades with adjustable depth control/leveling wheel. Used when double lines of fertilizer are delivered. In the second bar the 16″ turbo coulter blades are installed with safety fuse, opening the furrow.
Then the body of planting, which is equipped with double disc openers 16 “is located. Every body is mounted on two tapered roller bearings and seals, to ensure long life, low maintenance and meet the increasing demands of work.

There are also attached two depth control wheels of 2 ½ x 15″ “American System” allowing a perfect copy of the terrain and easy registration, to ensure uniform seeding depth even on uneven terrain. Behind all this tthere´s the semi-pneumatic seed pressing wheel of 8″ mounted on 2 sealed bearings. They press the seeds accurately ensuring good contact with the soil favoring seed emergence. Coverage and compaction of the seeds is done by two rubber wheels with registrable pressure and angle. For no-till seeding, concave dented disks, are installed, these cut and remove better the stubble.

Hydraulic System

The system of the W 1770 Series IV, planter is operated with dual hydraulic system operated fron the tractor. It has four hoses to connect to the tractor. Two to lift the planter, and two for driving markers independently. It has four hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering, with a compensating valve proportional divider. Markers have two cylinders eache with sequential valves, for alternate operation.
The valve divides the circuit oil flow in a balanced way between the right half of the machine and the left half, in proportion to the weight on each side, which ensures an even depth in seed deliverance. And finallya cylinder for bending the working hitch bar.

Double Planting Discs

Solid and strong chassis. Able to withstand the highest demands, both at work and in transport. Seed hoppers are dual purpose. Fertilize in line direct to the planting unit. Alfalfa Hopper with direct fall to the planting unit. Forced seed-feed system.


A new system of the articulated hitch bars in working configurations allow to put unify two machines in tandem, saving you time and money. even they anre bonded together their characteristics allow the planting units to copy the uneven terrain and still plant accurately. In transport position the hydraulic system folds vertically the transportation hitch bar. Now, in transportation configuration, you can tow both, one after the other, as if they were one.

Pneumatic Seeding

The pneumatic seeding, significantly improves seed treatment. In The W1770 Series IV planter you can use any existing pneumatic option in the market.