W1770 Air Drill Series 5 XL


  • Chorrillo Fine Grain Planter.
  • Sowing units with bearings in the most demanding joints Forming wheels with toothed discs.
  • Pinch wheels. 17 ″ direct seeding blades.
  • Planting line fertilizer, leveling wheels with ventilated tires.
  • 11,000 Lts hopper car. in 2 independent hoppers

Maximum precision and sowing speed with great autonomy.


  • Capacity: the supply trolley consists of two individual hoppers with a total volume of 11,800 liters, – OPTIONAL 13,000 – the capacity ratio between front / rear hopper is 60% – 40%, both of which can be used for fertilizer, for seed, or either one for seed and one for fertilizer.
  • Sowing of coarse grains: in this instance, and if necessary, a third hopper with a capacity of 1200 liters can be added for the supply of seeds (eg corn). In this way, the 11800 liters are released and can be used for the loading of fertilizers when a double fertilization is desired.
  • Stairs: external and internal to allow easy access.
  • Closing system: by internal guillotines to cancel the passage of seed and / or fertilizer.
  • This mechanism allows configuring the Hopper / Frame assembly according to the user’s needs, the cultivation, sowing and the separation between lines, in addition, it is closing allows the change and / or maintenance of the rolls even when the hopper is loaded with products.
  • Wheels: 2 decks 23.1 x 26 high flotation, with fenders, safety lighting for work and transport.
  • Fertilizer application: The XL -optional XXL – allows 3 possibilities: In-line fertilization. Lateral fertilization with double discs. Double fertilization.

Seed Dosers

Seed dosage: the quantity of seeds sown depends on two factors:

a) Type of roll used
b) number of revolutions per minute that the rollers have

There are three types of rollers: fine pitch for pastures and / or small seeds, medium pitch for soybeans, wheat and the fertilizer in medium doses and coarse pitch for large seeds or fertilizers in high doses.

The revolutions of the roll are regulated by the operator by means of a variator box with manual or electronic control (optional).

When you want to plant seeds with a grain-to-grain precision system, you must remove the ribbed rolls and replace them with supply boxes and a coarse or pneumatic grain kit.