Castor C50

The CASTOR C50 is the ideal excavator to perform any type of work in the most difficult terrains. Regardless of the obstacles that may appear, water, mud, rocks, mountain or snow

  • MAXIMUM STABILITY: support stands of large dimensions, adjustable, that allow a better distribution of the weight in the most difficult terrains.
  • Highly versatile: through your 360° continuous rotation and your extensible arm, you get the most use of your work capacity.
  • Optimal adaptation to the terrain: wide regu-lation margin of its supports in addition to hidrostatic traction offers the driver safety and control.


DIESEL ENGINE: MWM, D-229-4, 4 cylinders cooled by water, 3920 cm3, 67Hp @ 2500 rpm.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: 4 hydraulic pumps, 1 double pump with variable flow rate double pump with axial pistons, open  circuit 36cm3 + 36cm3, 2 pumps in tandem with gears. One of 11cm3 for movement and sustentation of the excavator, and another of 8cm 3 to turn the fan combi coolers. Total flow rate 130 LPM,  280 bar. Oil tank capacity 170 Lts.

ROTATION: Slew drives by a hydraulic axial piston motor with a stop brake. Rotation speed 9 rpm, continuous 360 °, double-row ball slewing ring, with  internal teeth, hardenend.

HYDROSTATIC DRIVE: Two wheel drives completed with a stop brake with manual disengagement, operated hydraulic pedal. Two speeds: High: 12 Km/h and Low: 8 Km/h. Max slope: 60%


CHASSIS: Tough with large-dimension support stands, made out of high strenght steel. The pins are made out of SAE 8620 steel, hardened and tempered.

ARM: Max. boom length: 6.50 Mts, boom extension: 1.20Mts. It has excellent load elevation characteristics, great stability. All arm bolts screwed.

HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS: All the cylinders of the arm are completed with shock absorbers in both stops and spherical ball. The cylinders of the chassis are completedwith spherical ball and safety valves, so that a breakage of a hose does not change its position.

CONTROLS: Two ergonomic joysticks with electric push buttons provide the operator with complete control and safety in all situations. Three hydraulic pedals to drive the boom extension, traction and an optional. Manual accelerator.

CABIN: Comfortable with great safety features cabin with easy access, great visibility, soundproof. Continuous side windshield guarantees full visibility of the work at hand. Cabin roof with glass for better viewing angle. Front windshield can be opened. Seat with pneumatic suspension wih high backrest. Equipped with air conditioning, electric wiper, heating, USB radio, 2 speakers and interior light.

MONITOR SYSTEM: Analog controls with integrated color LCD display to show the most important indicators: Tachometer, fuel level indicator, engine temperature, hour count, battery charge indicator, oil pressure engine, hydraulic oil temperature, alarms.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Battery 12 Volts 75 Amp. Five work lights to ensure good lighting. Horn. Wiper washer. Emergency stop button.


WEIGHT: 5960 kg

TEARING FORCE (ISO 6015): 5250 Kg


TIRES: Traction 15 x 22.5 and auxiliary 11 L 15

BUCKET: 90 cm (300 Lts).


Electric pump for easy filling.