Bufalo S.A. is one of the leading brands manufacturing seed planters in Argentina. Our products have been designed and are manufactured according to the newest technologies, fulfilling all the agricultural producer´s needs.

“More than 60 years accompanying Argentinian producer.”

Adrián ScarpeccioCEO

With the advent of no-till seeding, the company has specialized itself in the design and manufacture of planters, specially thin, winter crops and coarse grains precision planters, all equipped for sowing in various types of soil conditions, assuring exact seed dosage and also with the possibility to fertilize in the seeding line, between it or in both at the same time.

Our products compete in international markets such as Bolivia, Paraguay , Venezuela , Uruguay , South Africa and Russia due to the high quality of our planters and seed drills, most of our production is successfully sold within these markets, we have also established various dealers and after sales services in various countries.

Bufalo SA ensures high quality products made ​​with dedication, precision and efficiency of Argentinian craftsmanship.